15 May 2020

Why do I need an Insurance Broker?

By Aston Lark

Homeowners might think that by cutting out the middle-man, they’ll benefit from cheaper insurance. However, here are some of the many benefits of using an experienced insurance broker like Aston Lark, including potential cost savings:


The benefit of using a specialist broker like Aston Lark is that we can often obtain discounts from underwriters that you wouldn’t have thought possible. For example, discounts for occupancy and for heating types; better rates for antiques, and floating limits for jewellery. We have a good relationship with underwriters who trust us, which often means we can negotiate a lower price than a client who might go to them direct via an insurer or comparison website.

Quality cover

We deal with policies, underwritten by quality insurers, with good financial ratings thus offering you a better standard of cover. The mid and high value home policies that we offer are “All Risks”. This means that all eventualities are covered, except those specifically excluded, making it difficult for an insurer to decline a claim. We can highlight unique policy covers to ensure you receive the maximum payment your policy affords, and point out when excesses can be waived. We can also help find you an insurer that can pay for an independent buildings and/or contents appraisal, so you can be certain you are insured to full value.


For many clients, this is the main reason to use a broker. How much do you value your time? At Aston Lark, we take the ‘strain’ of finding suitable insurance away. We are your trusted insurance adviser. We help at inception, renewal and when you need to make changes. We communicate in a way that’s most convenient for you – via email, phone, or letter. If you’d like us to visit you at home, we’ll do that too.


Contrary to what some money saving websites might have you believe, cheaper is not always best – which unfortunately is often evident if you need to claim. Brokers understand the value of a policy – the promise that a claim will be paid – because we deal with claims day-in, day-out.


Who’s going to help you in the event of a claim? Small claims can be straightforward, but in the event of a flood, fire or escape of water in your high value home, you’ll need us to help.

In short, Aston Lark will make sure you’re properly insured and paying the right price for the most suitable policy. And if you claim, we’ll be there to help.

Contact us now, no hard sell, just good old-fashioned advice.

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