27 July 2021

Thatched Home Insurance – Making Sure You're Properly Insured


All home insurance policies carry with them certain conditions – things you must do (or not do) to ensure your policy is valid and that insurers will pay out on a claim.

Thatched home policies contain more policy conditions than standard home policies. If you don’t comply with these, you may find yourself facing difficulties in the event of a claim. The below are examples only and vary from insurer to insurer. You must check your policy wording yourself. If you can’t fine your policy wording speak to your insurer or broker straight away.

  • Most thatched home policies contain the average clause
  • You will need to get the chimneys swept at least annually
  • The chimneys must be inspected at least once every three years by a HETAS-approved engineer
  • The woodburning stove should be swept before and during winter use
  • A smoke detector must be situated at the highest point of the roof void
  • You’ll need a valid “satisfactory” Electrical Installation Condition Report from the last five years (10 years with some insurers)
  • You will need specific fire extinguishers in specific places, along with a fire blanket in the kitchen.

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