11 May 2020

Reviewing Your Home Insurance Cover - Part 4: Fitness & Gym Equipment

How fit is your insurance cover?

Since we’ve been on lockdown, doing online fitness classes at home has become all the craze. Those new to this will be using a can of baked beans as a dumbbell and a plastic crate for a step, but for those enthusiasts who’ve kitted out the summerhouse or garage as a home gym, when was the last time you checked that your home contents insurance provides enough cover? Here are some things to think about and some frequently asked liability questions:

  • Fitness and gym equipment should be included under the General Contents section of your home insurance policy
  • Make an inventory and take photos as this could help speed up a claim should the worst happen
  • When working out how to insure your gym equipment, this should be the ‘replacement cost as new’
  • Most insurance policies will cover ‘fire damage or theft’, but you may need to ask for additional cover for ‘accidental damage or damage whilst in use’
  • Watch for inner limits, as some policies may only cover up to a certain limit for sports equipment or items kept in outbuildings and garages
  • If your gym is in an outbuilding, ensure that you have good, robust locks. Some insurers may even insist on the building having an alarm system, especially if the value of your equipment is over £50,000.

When lockdown is over, I‘m thinking about letting my neighbours use my home gym. Am I covered by my home insurance policy?

If you’re thinking about allowing friends, family or neighbours to use your gym, please consider this very carefully. You have a duty of care towards anyone on your land or using your property. This means that your equipment will need to be maintained and in good working order. If your neighbour is injured, they could hold you responsible. Please give us a call and we can talk to you about the cover that we can provide under a household insurance policy.

I am doing lots of online fitness classes. If I injure myself can I hold them responsible for my injury?

This is a hot topic as many gyms and fitness classes move from studios to an online virtual service. Some may ask you to complete a form to agree that you are responsible for assessing your own health and ability, so it’s unlikely that you can sue an online virtual trainer for injury.

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