18 July 2020

National Simplicity Day - 12th July

By Dominic Perry Account Handler
The first half of this year has brought about many unforeseen challenges, drastically changing the way we work and live our lives overnight.

This makes the return of National Simplicity Day on the 12th July quite timely, as it reminds us all to reduce our pace, consider the benefits of mindfulness, and take time out for ourselves.

National Simplicity Day was founded by Henry David Thoreau, an author, naturalist and philosopher, and celebrates the simplification of lifestyle and going back to the core values within yourself. Thoreau further expressed that people are truly their best when they’re self-reliant and independent.

This sounds easy, right? Most of us would think, “I pay my bills, I do my job, therefore I’m self-reliant and unaffected by outside pressures”. However, it’s easy to be negatively influenced by the outside world due to the lack of separation between a constant news cycle, a busy inbox, and unusual working circumstances. National Simplicity Day aims to help us take account of our lifestyles and focus on what’s important. But then, how can this help your workplace and your employees?

Although it may feel like an odd time to be discussing annual leave, it’s essential to ensure your employees recharge. So, if they haven’t taken any annual leave, encourage them to take a week off, or a long weekend. Although the things we can do currently are limited, being able to step away from the computer and just spend time by themselves or with loved ones could really help their wellbeing.

Furthermore, encourage your employees to take breaks away from their computers, mobiles and social media, and keep to “normal” working hours. This will help them recharge and maintain an important distinction between their work and personal lives, which is essential for good wellbeing.

In addition to this, why not take an hour with your employees to discuss the things most important to them in their work and personal lives and make suggestions on how they can incorporate them more into their lives? You could make it part of your next one-to-one. Although each of us will be different in our views, listening to each other can really improve your employees’ own emotional wellbeing, and further help you to do the same.

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