30 July 2019

Keeping your home safe whilst on holiday

By Aston Lark

Don’t make it easy for burglars to break into your home whilst on holiday this summer.

We look forward to holiday season all year round, however the excitement of your holiday can distract you from one very important thing, keeping your home safe whilst away. Around 60% of burglaries occur when there is nobody at home*.

Whilst on holiday it is essential to make your home look lived in. We recommend an automatic timer switch for your lights, and you should always consider getting a family member or a neighbour to pop in each day to draw the curtains and remove any post that is in sight. Having a car parked on your driveway can make the property look occupied.  We suggest not leaving a spare key anywhere outside of the property; opportunists will check any obvious spots to find a key to get inside.

You should be mindful of what you put on social media. This can show many people that you are on holiday and your home is unoccupied. Many thieves check social media to check if you are on holiday for them to take their opportunity and target your home.

Due to new technology there are many new security systems that can be installed, and some systems even allow you to view live remotely from your phone. Physical security such as alarms, CCTV and adequate window and door security is worth the small investment for the peace of mind whilst on holiday. Always ensure all security measures are set up and in place before you leave.

If you want any advice regarding security upgrades to your property or any further tips to keep your home safe whilst on holiday please contact your Account Handler on 020 8557 2379.



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