21 April 2021

How to get cheaper car insurance


Insurance isn’t usually something that many people get excited about purchasing. It is, however, essential for all vehicle-owners, and we can all agree that getting a great deal (meaning the best level of cover to suit our needs, at the best possible price) is high on our priority list. A hardening insurance market has made it tough for consumers to find the optimum balance between cover and price, having to forfeit one in order to manage the cost of insurance. There are some simple ways to manage your premium and still have the cover you need, but remember, cheapest is rarely best!

Use a broker

Brokers are in demand more than ever and can provide real value when looking for car insurance. They can make the process simple so you don’t need to trawl through comparison sites. Plus, you get to speak to a human being, who can listen to your needs and try to fit the box around you.

Voluntary excesses/Protecting your excess

Apply a voluntary excess – this is one of the ways to potentially make a big saving on premiums. You could also then purchase an Excess Protection policy which may allow you to claim this amount back following a claim. The premium for this could be less than the discount you receive for taking a higher excess, so you could end up with a lower overall premium and your excess covered!

Pay for small claims yourself

With the hardening market, insurers are tightening their belts and looking more favourably at clients with a good claims history. So, if you have minor damage and can afford to pay the costs, it could prove cost-effective in the long run as you could see your insurance premium increase by more than the cost of the damage. It’s always best to speak with your broker before making a claim.

Other ways….
  • If you can afford to do so, paying your insurance premium in full will lower it as most instalment payments come with an interest/APR fee. Alternatively, look for deals with a lower APR, as the range that companies charge varies greatly.
  • Security devices – thefts are on the rise! Adding a device could also lead to a discount on your insurance.
  • Review your mileage – Have your circumstances changed? Don’t pay for what you don’t need. Tip – divide your annual mileage by 52 to work it out weekly for an easier perspective.
  • Avoid adding too many drivers on to your policy!
  • If you have multiple vehicles, look for policies that allow you to combine your cars under one policy.
  • And last, but not least, ask for a discount! The worst that can happen is your broker/insurer can say no… but it can also result in savings especially when a premium has been beaten by a competitor!
Young drivers – how to reduce your premium
  • Get experience – be put on a family member’s car policy for a year or two.
  • Be careful of the model of car you buy. Getting the ‘sports’ version of certain cars could see your car insurance increase dramatically.
  • Telematics – some companies offer black boxes to monitor driving and this can help reduce your premium.
  • Undertake advanced driving courses such as the Pass Plus.
  • Speak to your broker, they may have specialist schemes for young drivers.

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