27 July 2021

How Can I Lower My Thatched Home Insurance Premium?


Insurers will have a list of requirements that must be met before they will accept cover or pay a claim. However, you can go above these minimum conditions which can help with premiums and lower the risk of a fire in your home.

  • Think about taking a higher excess. A £500 buildings excess will help
  • Woodburning stoves significantly increase thatched home insurance premiums
    • Before you install one, be aware they increase the chance of a fire
    • Consider asking insurers for a “dormant clause” whereby you promise not to use the stove
  • Install wireless interlinked or mains wired smoke detectors instead, or as well as, battery-operated ones
  • Add a heat detector in the kitchen
  • Identify your nearest fire hydrant
  • Ring the nearest fire station and ask if they will undertake an Operational Risk Assessment
  • Ensure the electrics have been checked recently. Most insurers will need a certificate dated within the last five years. Make sure all recommendations (not just the urgent ones) have been carried out.

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