20 October 2020

How an Employee Benefits programme may help your employees to remain engaged and motivated whilst working remotely

By Aston Lark
When Covid-19 hit, many companies were forced to send employees home to work remotely. Now with the growth rate rising, and new restrictions introduced, it seems fair to assume that many employees will be working from home for the foreseeable future.

There are multiple potential benefits associated with remote working, such as saving time and money on travel and the opportunity to spend more quality time with loved ones. On the other hand, the line between professional and personal life can easily become blurred and it can be difficult to set healthy boundaries. As well as this, due to the physical distance between team members and new potential distractions from within our homes, employees may find it difficult to remain engaged, connected and motivated.

One solution employers may wish to consider, to help combat these new difficulties, is introducing an employee benefits scheme. Extra benefits may help you to keep your employees connected and satisfied. The benefit of implementing a wellness programme goes further than just caring for your team. Communication of what’s available to employees and easy access to materials and services is crucial, whether they are working in the office or from home. This communication will not only help increase employee engagement with services, but it may also encourage teams to feel engaged.

pirkx  is a flexible benefits package and may be the perfect solution or first step towards an employee benefits programme. Not only does it offer great services that are accessible to everyone, such as a 24/7 online GP service and a range of discounts, it also acts as an HR and employee benefits ‘hub’. pirkx allows you to store important documents, such as pension information, and any relevant third-party links in one simple portal. This portal can then be personalised with your company branding, making it truly unique to your company. Employees are then able to easily and quickly access the platform online or via an app.

With remote looking like it will remain the ‘new normal’ for some time, why not contact us today to find out how Aston Lark Employee Benefits can help you keep your employees connected and motivated.

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