15 March 2021

Flood insurance: what am I covered for?

Flooded house

Cover for flood is more than insuring the buildings and the contents. A headline buildings figure or “unlimited cover” doesn’t tell the whole story. Ask your insurer what cover there is for:

  • Alternative accommodation if your home is flooded. Is it limited to a set time or percentage of the buildings sum insured? For example, 12 months may not be long enough to draw up plans, find contractors and make your home habitable again.
  • Choice of alternative accommodation. Will your insurer find you a similar home in the same area or would you prefer to live on-site, perhaps in temporary accommodation?
  • New for old cover. Will your insurer pay for new carpets and curtains for example? Many policies make a deduction for wear and tear or old age, not paying out enough to replace everything.
  • Will your insurer pay for the cost of complying with new government or local authority requirements which weren’t in place when your home was originally built?
  • What cover do you have for outdoor items that could be damaged by flood waters, for example, barbecues or patio furniture?
  • Does your policy cover damage to the garden and landscaping?

Not all policies are the same and you’ll only realise the difference when you have to make a claim. Speak to Aston Lark for help and advice on the insurance you should have to cover your home and contents.

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