18 October 2021

Ferrari insurance - how much does it cost?


When you own a Ferrari or other supercar, you want the very best level of protection. But how much does insurance cost for a high-performance vehicle? There are a range of factors that can influence the cost of insuring a Ferrari. These include:

Who drives your Ferrari?

As with any motor policy, the age and experience of the main driver, and any additional drivers, will have an impact on the overall cost. If you have significant experience in driving high-performance vehicles then you can expect to pay less than a young or inexperienced driver, as you’ll be considered safer.

Some insurers will also offer discounts for drivers with professional driving qualifications, or even car club members – so always tell your broker if either of these apply to you.

How secure is your vehicle?

A desirable supercar will be more attractive to thieves, so making sure your vehicle is as secure as possible is essential.  This will help keep the cost of insuring your Ferrari down. If you have a garage, do you store it in there? If you park it on your driveway, does your drive have a security gate?

How do you drive it?

How often you drive your Ferrari will have an impact on your insurance too. It will cost less to insure if you keep your mileage low, so take a look at your last MOT or service to get an idea of your annual mileage. You may find it’s less than you think!

If your supercar is one of many vehicles you own and there are more cars than drivers listed on your policy, this should lower your premium too. In fact, the bigger the portfolio you have with your insurer, the bigger the discount. So, when you’re arranging cover, make sure you tell us about any other vehicles you own or other insurance needs you have, such as home, overseas or business cover. This will not only help you save money, but it will also give you more options for insuring your Ferrari, as some insurers won’t quote for a single supercar.

Do you need Ferrari insurance?

If you’re looking for insurance for your supercar, we can help. Simply fill in the enquiry form online and we’ll be in touch very soon to discuss a quote.

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