23 April 2021

Electric Motorhomes - are they the right option for you?

Electric motorhome charging

2021 will see the number of new EV manufacturers increase, with Tesla’s new range of electric pickup trucks, cars and lorries predicted to make an appearance before the year is out. But what can be said for electric motorhomes and campervans?

A number of existing and upcoming manufactures are starting to announce their new electric models. Volkswagen have announced the new Type 20 camper which is all electric, and one of the most popular base models of all time, the Fiat Ducato, is also going to take the plunge.

So, how will an electric camper compare to your diesel camper and should you make the switch?

Range – will your electric camper get you to your favourite site or will you need a recharge break in-between?

Some of the newer EV models can easily produce up to 500 miles range in one single charge and you can get to a lot of places on a 500-mile charge. But what you need to consider is whether there will be somewhere at the end of that 500-miles where you can re-charge.

If you visit a particular campsite regularly, find out if there is an option to recharge your vehicle. However, we know some ‘motorhomers’ like to travel deep into the wilderness, with not a town, city or person in sight. If this is you, then consider if having a camper which solely relies on an adequate power hook up, poses a problem.

Fuel costs

All motorhomes and campervans are built to travel distances and electric models won’t be any different, but the money saved on fuel will be significant to most. We are also expecting to see a vast improvement when charging your motorhome through the mains at home or at an electric charging station.

Looking to the future – what tech-based changes will you see?

With the production of vehicles coming out later this year and the years following, we are of course guaranteed to see the state-of-the-art technology and engineering that comes with this.

The days of chipping or upgrading your old diesel campers ECU so it can pull off quicker or make it up the steep hill near the campsite are behind us. The new series of electric motorhomes are predicted to come with gradient control and other assisting devices which means the power is there as and when you need it due to no longer having to wait for the power to arrive through all of those moving mechanical parts.

So, as a campervan and motorhome enthusiast, will you make the switch?

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