1 April 2020

Eight tips to help ensure your workforce is prepared and cyber smart

By Catherine Aleppo Client Director – Head of Cyber

Organisations should ensure employees always log on within a trusted network, secure personal devices, and implement multi-factor authentication prior to remote working. And, more than anything, always remain vigilant over cybersecurity, especially when an organisation may already be in a vulnerable position.

Eight tips to stay cyber safe to help ensure your workforce is prepared and cyber smart

  1. Secure your internet connection – use a firewall to monitor untrusted network traffic
  2. Secure your devices and software – change the settings from default configurations
  3. Enforce password throttling – a time delay between successive login attempts restricts the number of guesses that can be made
  4. Control who has access to your data and services – restrict privileges and separate out permissions
  5. Regular ‘patching’ – apply updates when they are released
  6. Have 256-bit encryption and multi factor authentication for device logins – a code that is sent to you by text or that’s created by an app
  7. Have a tested back up strategy – remember connected and disconnected back ups
  8. Think before you click! For five simple signs to look out for, click here.

There are no absolutes in risk management. With core business functions and objectives at risk, a ‘belt and braces’ approach is required that reduces the risk with timely security protocols that mitigates the risk with insurance.  Cyber insurance is a vital protection for organisations against the fingers & thumbs dynamic.

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