24 October 2019

Driving in the EU post-Brexit

By Aston Lark

With the Brexit deadline looming, the uncertainty remains over the outcome for the UK, and how it will affect consumers in the driving seat.

At the moment, whether you are a commercial or leisure driver, your Motor Insurance Certificates extend to include driving within the EU and associated territories. Post-Brexit, these are unlikely to be accepted as evidence of insurance.

Instead, you may need to take a Green Card (if we don’t get access to the Green Card Free Circulation Area on the day of exit – this area covers EU or EEA Countries as well as Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland), which is an additional document to prove that your insurance provides the minimum cover in the country that you’re driving in.

In addition to your Motor Insurance Certificate, you will need to take a Green Card with you each time you take a vehicle abroad. They include the following information:

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Name of Insured
  • Countries that will be visited/driven through
  • Dates of travel
  • All additional drivers’ details (if an additional driver’s name is not on the document, they will not be covered to drive the vehicle)

If a vehicle is towing a trailer or caravan, a separate Green Card is required for the trailer/caravan.

Insurance companies issue Green Cards on request for a specific journey. Some insurers will issue annual Green Cards for a specific vehicle. These cover all trips made within the insurance year, but make sure that these include all the countries that the vehicle is likely to visit.

As well as considering the insurance requirements that are changing, it is important to note that your UK driving licence may not be sufficient when driving in the EU. You may need one or more international driving permits (IDPs). You can apply for these through the UK Post Office. The type of IDP will depend on the country you will be driving in. For a list of the type of IDP required, please click here.

There will likely be a high demand for Green Cards in the early stages of our exit from the EU, so we recommend you make the request at least a month in advance to allow plenty of time. Should you be travelling to the EU imminently, and/or be travelling over the transition period of the UK leaving the EU, you will still require a Green Card.

You can find further information about driving in the EU post-Brexit here.

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