15 April 2020

Coronavirus: Motor Insurance FAQs


Whilst the situation with Covid-19 is constantly evolving, our commitment to providing our clients with a high level of service remains the same. Below are a few key points to answer some of the main motor insurance queries you may have. Please call our dedicated account handlers if you require any further information.

Can I still buy car insurance or renew my policy?

Yes. You can still purchase a new insurance policy with us and renew your existing policy as normal. We have taken measures to enable our staff to work remotely to ensure service levels remain as expected.

Do I still need insurance if I am not using my car?

Yes! Motor insurance is a legal requirement, so it must remain in place unless you declare your car off the road with a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN). However, we do recommend that you keep your car insurance cover in place even if declared off-road as your vehicle could still be impacted by a number of potential hazards such as theft, fire, storm damage, accidental damage, vandalism and malicious damage. Cancelling will leave you with no cover for theft if the car is stolen or someone attempts a break-in. There could be an increased risk of theft because there are fewer people around and emergency services are occupied elsewhere. Continuous insurance is also highly likely to be required if the vehicle was purchased using finance.

In the USA, motor insurers are refunding premiums to reflect that no-one is using their car. Will my insurer do that for me? 

Unfortunately not at the moment. However, this could potentially change. If you would like to speak to your dedicated account handler regarding your cover, please do so as there may be other options to try and reduce your premium (reducing mileage, increasing the excess and so on)

If there are fewer cars on the road and fewer accidents, will my renewal premium reduce at renewal?

Potentially. Here at Aston Lark we are constantly monitoring the changes with the current situation so that we can pass these updates on to our customers. We are in constant communication with the underwriters to see if there will be any reduction on premium, but it is probably too early to say at present.

I have read in the media that new reforms mean whiplash claim pay-outs are to reduce significantly. Will I see any reduction in my premium to reflect this?

The reforms have now been pushed back to 2021, so we are unlikely to see any effect this could have this year. Underwriters are constantly looking at rates to reflect the ever-changing circumstances and will make adjustments if these reforms would have any financial benefit which could be passed on to clients.

Can I still make a claim?

Yes, you are still able to report claims as normal. If you have unfortunately suffered a loss or damage, please refer to your policy documents which will contain the contact telephone number you need to make a claim. Please bear in mind that immobilised vehicles may be treated as a priority and the claims process may take longer than expected due to the lack of repairers currently in operation.

I am not able to get a new MOT for my car. Will this invalidate my insurance?

No. The UK Government has agreed to allow a 6-month extension for MOTs that are due on or after 30th March 2020. Please bear in mind that your duty to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy continues. However, with this extension, you will be able to meet the MOT requirement of your policy. For full details of this, please click here.

Do I need to take any additional security measures to protect me and my car?

As in any situation where emergency services are stretched, unfortunately there are always a few individuals looking to capitalise on the situation. Without compromising your own safety in any way, it would be a good time to check that all your car’s security devices and measures are working effectively.

Am I still able to receive my motor insurance documents via post?

Yes. Whilst the safety of our staff is our highest priority, we have taken measures to ensure post (both incoming and outgoing) is dealt with accordingly. However, we strongly recommend that you receive your documents via email to minimise contact. If you do not have an email address, it is really easy to set one up and you can find step-by-step guides on how to do this online.

I don’t have business use included on my car insurance policy. Am I able to use my vehicle for work?

As the situation with Covid-19 progresses, many people including key workers are still required to travel to work, however would like to avoid public transport. People working from home might also need to travel in connection with work. This would usually require either commuting or business use to be included on your insurance policy. However, many insurers are allowing this type of usage with no additional costs. Please call your dedicated account handler to make sure you still have adequate cover in place.

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