8 April 2020

Coronavirus: Home Insurance FAQs


Most of us, apart from key workers, are now spending all our time at home. You might by now have settled into the rhythm of working remotely, but it’s important to check what insurance cover you have. Many of our clients have asked us whether working from home affects cover under their home insurance policy, so we have prepared answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to help guide and support you.

I am now working at home. Do I need to tell my home insurers?
The vast majority of insurers will accept that working from home is now a fact of life for many. Providing this is largely clerical work, there should be no issues.

What does “clerical” work mean?
This broadly means day to day office work, answering phones and using a computer.

Is damage or theft of my laptop, and any other work equipment I have brought home, covered by my home insurance policy?
Most home insurance policies include a small amount of cover for home business equipment such as computers, screens and phones. However, it is very likely that your company’s insurance will cover any loss or damage as well. We recommend you ask your employer for clarification. If you think you may need cover, please speak to us and we can give you the advice you need.

If I spill coffee on my laptop, is it covered by my home insurance policy?
This will only be covered if you have Accidental Damage cover. Not all policies include this as standard, so please check your policy or ask us, to ensure you have this valuable cover included.

I had to bring home stock which I am now storing in my garage. Is this covered by my home insurance?
Generally, no. A standard home insurance policy would not cover business stock. This should remain insured under your company’s insurance policy.

I have my company laptop and computer equipment at home and I am worried about fire and theft. What should I do?
It is always sensible to store a laptop out of sight when it is not being used. Keep expensive equipment away from windows that can be easily seen into. If using multiple plugs, ensure that any extension or adapter and all leads are in a good state of repair and don’t overload your power sockets. Visit the Electrical Safety First website for further advice.

I’m self-employed and considering remaining working from home. What should I do?
If you are self-employed and are considering remaining working from home, your current policy may no longer be suitable. Please speak to our Commercial team who can talk to you about what insurances you may need.

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