8 January 2021

Construction Sites Operating Procedures

By Eliot Clarke
Updated (as at 8th January 2021)

The Construction Leadership Council has published version 7 of its Site Operating Procedures for the new lockdown. The changes in this version 7 are minor, and include:

  • Updated guidance on self-isolation and shielding
  • Removal of the requirement to display a QR code in site canteens

However, contractors must now take action if five or more cases are identified within 14 days, under new Public Health England guidance.

Build UK has also updated their flowchart setting out the action contractors must take if a worker has Covid-19 or needs to self-isolate, to reflect the latest guidance.

Updated (as at 20th October 2020)

The Construction Leadership Council has released v6 of their guidance on Site Operating Procedures.

Key changes from the previous version:

  • The document has been streamlined, whilst maintaining its familiar format
  • The CLC’s statement on ‘The Use of Face Coverings’ is included
  • Guidance has been updated on shielding, self-isolation, testing and what to do if a worker develops COVID-19 symptoms. (A link to Build UK’s related flowchart is included)
  • It includes confirmation that canteens serving food must display an NHS QR code

Updated (as at 2nd July 2020)

Following changes in Government guidance regarding social distancing, the Construction Leadership Council has released the 5th version of the Site Operating Procedures, which can be found here.

The good news for construction workers is the reopening of canteens!

Updated (as at 1st June 2020)

The Construction Leadership Council released the 4th version of their Site Operating Procedures on 19th May. The changes are minimal and include:

  • Removal of the requirement for face-to-face contact to be kept to 15 minutes or less
  • The section on PPE now links to the latest Government guidance on face coverings
  • References to one-way systems and the reconfiguration of seating and tables and an update on portable toilets
  • The requirement to share risk assessments with the workforce
  • Clarification on when to travel to work, as set out in the Government’s Covid-19 Recovery Strategy
  • Updated links and wording on social distancing

The guidelines can be found here.

Updated (as at 12th May 2020)

As work starts to resume across the country, the Government has published new ‘COVID-19 secure’ guidelines which complement the existing Construction Leadership safe site operating procedures.

Detailed Government advice for construction sites can be found here.

An extra £14m has also been made available to the Health and Safety Executive to help police the new guidelines.

Updated Construction Site Safe Operating Procedures – Version 3 (as at 15th April 2020)

Following our previous articles, the Construction Leadership Council has now launched version 3 of its safe operating procedures.

These allow closer than 2m working in special circumstances that are essential to project delivery, but limits the time to 15 minutes and recommends that workers should be side by side rather than face to face.

Where 2m distances cannot be maintained, and the task is essential, the procedures introduce a hierarchy of controls that sites must attempt to follow.

A copy of the new procedures can be found here.

Updated (as at 3rd April 2020)

Subsequent to the below update from yesterday, this has now been deemed by many to be unworkable as it imposed a far stricter regime, including ruling out working closer than 2m in any circumstances even with PPE.

Andy Mitchell, Co-Chair of the Construction Leadership Council, said: “There has been significant feedback on the updated Site Operating Procedures version 2. Whilst the feedback is reviewed, the CLC has re-issued version 1  which is the document the industry should be complying with.”

That advice is available here.

The CLC is now working hard to produce a third version which clarifies Public Health England advice.

Aston Lark will provide an update once version 3 has been issued.

Construction Sites Operating Procedures

2nd April 2020

Whilst the Government has maintained its stance that construction sites should continue to operate where it is safe to do so, this week has seen many construction sites close. Today, Sir Robert McAlpine announced it is furloughing most of its 2,000 staff.

Circumstances are changing quickly, and following our article on 31st March, the Site Operating Procedures have been updated by the Construction Leadership Council.

A copy of this updated version can be found here.

The changes and additions include:

  • Requirement to monitor the effective implementation of these procedures on site
  • Advice for construction workers from Transport for London to avoid using the underground / tube network during the peak hours of 05:45‐7:30 and 16:00‐17:30
  • Reinforcement that where it is not possible or safe for workers to distance themselves from each other by 2 metres then work should NOT be carried out
  • Various updates from Public Health England

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