23 February 2022

Classic Car Insurance: Things to consider

Classic car insurance: Things to consider

A classic car is a source of great pride and enjoyment but, whether your car is in storage or on the road, you need a specialist classic car insurance policy.

Here are some things an insurer will consider.


How you store your classic will influence how an insurer perceives the risk. Simply put, if your classic car is locked away in a garage then it is less likely to be stolen.

Laid up cover

As a classic car tends to be tucked away during the winter months, specialist insurers will offer ‘laid up’ insurance cover whilst it is off the road. When your classic car comes back out for the sunny weather, the ‘road risks’ section of the insurance will to be added back on.

Limited mileage

An insurer will consider how you plan to use the car and whether you have a second vehicle for day-to-day use. If you use your classic car for a limited mileage, you can receive some great discounts as fewer miles means fewer accidents, which in turn means less money spent on your premium.

Agreed value

Agreed value = no surprises. If your car is written off, you will receive the exact amount agreed at the inception of the policy rather than the usually depreciative market value. However, with some classics appreciating in value it may be that agreed value is not the right choice. This is why you should speak to a specialist broker like Aston Lark. We can take away the hassle when it comes to arranging your classic car insurance. Call us on 01332 375216 for more information.

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