5 December 2019

Aston Lark saves a client over £2,000 on his premium

By Aston Lark

Aston Lark Employee Benefits is always looking for ways to add value for our clients. Read our case study on how we recently helped a client by highlighting his duplicated cover under his private medical insurance and reducing his premium by over £2,000. 


An existing Aston Lark private client was referred to our Employee Benefits team as he was concerned about the rising costs of individual Private Medical Insurance and was considering withdrawing cover and relying on the NHS. The client hadn’t really reviewed the policy, in terms of benefits and premiums, since commencing cover over 30 years earlier.

Our solution:

We reviewed the client’s requirements, including his medical history, and then analysed this against the existing policy and what else was available within the market.

During this process, we established that duplicate cover was running for travel insurance; the client had cover through his private medical policy and also in place with his bank.

We prepared a proposal of cover with a different insurer, which represented a saving of over 30% (over £2,000 per annum) for comparable cover, against the existing insurer’s renewal terms.


The client was grateful for the advice provided and the result achieved following our review, and was happy to proceed with the cover and insurer we recommended.

Call the Aston Lark Employee Benefits team on 020 8181 3163 or contact us to find out how you could benefit from individual Private Medical Insurance.

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