23 January 2020

Aston Lark saves a client 50% on their Healthcare Benefits review

By Jake Bridgeman
The context:

A new client approached Aston Lark Employee Benefits through a referral as they wanted to review their company Private Medical Insurance (PMI). Their current policy with another insurer was incurring a 30% increase to £125k at their 2019 renewal. The client’s current broker had only approached one other insurer who had offered them 25% less than the initial renewal.

Our solution:

We approached four of the main insurers in the market to gain a better scope. From this, we were able to find terms from an alternative provider, with an initial saving of 50% on their renewal by switching to a new insurer and restructuring the benefits.

Two areas specifically were responsible for this saving: client was happy to accept a restricted London Hospital list, with the new provider whilst also increasing the company excess from £100 to £200.  The company had a cashplan and they increased the excess cover on the cashplan to match this, the saving obtained was still greater than the increased premium for this option, which fully matches the excess.

Following the client’s satisfaction with our health benefits review, we discussed their Group Life Assurance. We offered a specialist market review on their Group Life Assurance and from this, determined that their current insurer was the most competitive and recommended that they remain with them.  The client was also then open to an approach about their commercial insurance programme and we are currently quoting for February renewal dates.


The client was satisfied with the level of service provided and the result achieved. By working with us, the client not only saved money on their entire EB programme but improved their communications piece.

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