14 June 2021

Are all new homes of a standard construction?


The definition of standard construction varies from insurer to insurer and the most common mistake is for homeowners to forget that they have an area of flat roof either above the garage, porch, a dormer window or extension.

It’s easy to tick the box next to ‘standard construction’, but so many extended properties have a small flat roof or a modern timber frame. Telling your insurer about this now means that you’re less likely to be disappointed if you claim later. Plus, many new builds are built with a timber frame on structurally insulated panels.

Modern flat roofs are not usually higher risk than tiled roofs. But fail to tell your insurer that 25% of your roof is flat and you may have a storm damage claim declined.

At Aston Lark we’ll look at your property (online or in person), talk you through your cover and maybe remind you that you have a flat roof on your attached garage! Insurers don’t want to trip you up, but we can help you dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

If you need more advice on the construction of your home, then call us on 020 7543 2801.

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