18 August 2022

A day in the life of a young insurance broker

By Aaron Davey Assistant Account Handler

Aaron Davey joined Aston Lark in 2021, and is Assistant Account Handler in the Employee Benefits division. Here, he gives some insight into what his typical day working at Aston Lark looks like.

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I get to the office, say hello to co-workers, grab a drink and a quick bite to eat. I have a through look through my emails and any urgent requests to action from claims to client queries. I also get on with any outstanding work that needs to be done.


I often accompany one of the Employee Benefits consultants on client meetings. This involves discussing renewal of their employee benefits scheme, including how the new terms look with pricing and different levels of benefits, as well as talking them through the pros and cons of the insurance cover they are buying. The key aspect here is building or retaining a healthy relationship with the client so we’re seen as trusted advisors they can rely on.


Once back in the office, I work through my emails and designated tasks, such as answering client queries, dealing with claims, processing renewals, membership changes and researching the market to get the best deal possible for a client.


When I’m in the City, I would either pop out to eat with colleagues or go to client lunches. Sometime insurers tend to come in to treat us and keep that relationship thriving.


Then I will have some client/colleague meetings in person and virtually. I answer calls from clients and check up on how they are as the bond between brokers, clients and insurers is critical to have to make sure things run as smoothly as possible between all three parties.


Finally, I complete my last outstanding tasks for the day and mark anything important to be actioned the next morning. I sometimes finish up by meeting some colleagues up at our rooftop bar to have a drink and a catch-up, before heading home.

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