Marine Cargo Insurance

Protect your goods in transit by road, rail, sea or air

If you import, export or manufacture goods, then the success of your business relies on those goods arriving in one piece. But sometimes, the journey can be risky.

From accidental damage to theft, if anything happened to your goods while they’re in transit, you could face losses running into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Marine Cargo insurance covers your goods while travelling by road, sea or air – helping to protect you from the costs of potential losses.

Taken out as a standalone policy, Marine Cargo cover is specially designed to offer better business protection than the insurance offered by cargo carriers and freight forwarders. Plus, it’s generally more cost-effective – giving you the confidence that, even if something happened to your goods before delivery, you and your business are in the best position you can be.

Frequently asked questions

How does marine cargo insurance differ from goods in transit insurance?

Marine Cargo insurance typically covers a wider range of perils than standalone goods in transit insurance, including storage prior, during & post transit.

How much does marine cargo insurance cost?

Premiums start from as little as £500 via our panel partners Zurich & NMU (CNA start at £2,500).

Who needs marine cargo insurance?

Every business that makes or trades physical products needs some form of cargo insurance.

What is covered under marine cargo insurance?

Marine cargo insurance is an “all-risks” product covering losses arising from physical damage to cargo and related liabilities, including storage.

Can you cover single trips?


Common Misconceptions

“My haulier has insurance, so they will protect my goods.”

Haulier’s liability is limited by weight, so any insurance they hold may not cover the full value of your goods.

“I’m not transporting goods by sea or abroad, so it doesn’t apply to me.”

Marine cargo insurance applies to all transit including by road or rail. The cover is wider than standalone goods in transit insurance and can provide additional extensions.