22nd August 2019

How to save money and fuel: tips for boaters

By Joe Brown
Account Handler
Boat refuelling close up

While very enjoyable, boating can be a costly way of life. With all the expenses such as mooring fees, maintenance/repair, insurance and depreciation to account for, it pays to look for ways to cut back. One way to save money is to reduce your fuel consumption – below is a list of the simplest ideas you can implement straight which require no modifications to the vessel:

  • Plan ahead - Before you leave your mooring, take the time to plan your route. Where you have the option, a straight line is the most efficient way to get to where you’re headed.  Less fuel will also be required if you can travel with the wind on your journey.
  • Remove weight - If you’re only going for a relatively short trip, there is no need to fill the fuel and water tanks to the top. Take any non-essential equipment and belongings off of the boat.
  • Clean the hull - Removing the build-up of algae and organisms on your hull is a great way to reduce your vessel’s drag. Applying antifouling paint is the best way to reduce this growth in future.
  • Have your engine serviced - Getting your engine(s) tuned up is another great way to reduce fuel usage by making sure it burns in the most efficient way.
  • Slow down - Motoring along at full throttle is one way to burn much more fuel than you need to. For maximum efficiency, you should avoid having too much of your hull in the water. Careful control of trim tabs and throttle are required.
  • Reduce aerodynamic drag - Taking canopies and bimini tops down on a fair weather day is another way to reduce the work your engines have to do.

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