12th August 2019

Watertight defence: the benefits of a legal protection policy

By Joe Brown
Account Handler

If you have boat insurance, you’re probably aware you’re covered for things like damage and liabilities. But did you know we can also offer a legal protection policy as well? It can be added alongside your marine insurance policy for a small fee. Here’s what it covers:

Uninsured Loss Recovery

One benefit of a legal protection policy is that it enables you to claim for compensation for those losses not covered by your policy when the loss is caused by the negligence of another person. An example of this would be if you were involved in a collision with another vessel and made a claim for repairs on your own policy. In this scenario you would be required to pay some amount of the claim yourself (the excess) – this can be recovered via your legal expenses policy.

Personal Injury

This allows you to make a claim for compensation against those whose negligence has caused your injury or death following a collision, impact, fire or flooding while boarding or alighting the vessel. Advice is also available if your claim amount exceeds the small claims track limit.

Contract Disputes

Cover is also available for help in pursuing or defending claims following breach of contract for buying or selling goods or services in relation to your vessel. There is no cover for a dispute about either the amount an insurance company should pay to settle an insurance claim or the way a claim should be settled.

Prosecution Defence

This section of cover enables you to defend criminal prosecutions against you arising from ownership or use of the vessel.

Identity Fraud

Another benefit of this cover is that you can claim for your advisor’s costs incurred in dealing with organisations seeking monies from you as a result of identity fraud.

Emergency Expenses

You can also claim for the costs of returning you to the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man if the vessel is rendered unseaworthy.

Mooring Fees

You are covered for mooring fees if you are not able to use the vessel due to your accidental injury or illness, or due to accidental loss or damage to the vessel or such severity that you are unable to use it for any purpose. The first seven days of fees would be excluded.

Temporary Replacement Costs

Where a negligent third party is identified, the legal expenses cover can be used to recover costs where you are unable to use the vessel for a planned trip.

Other Assistance

There is a 24-hour advice line available with specialist lawyers available to offer help with any queries relating to the cover available.


There are of course a number of exclusions to the cover provided. Such examples include incidents that began prior to inception of the policy, actions where the chance of winning are less than 50%, and any costs which have not been agreed in advance or are over the amount already approved.

Full details of the cover available through Euromarine can be found here, or call 01843 603345.