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Your Journey to Workplace Wellness

Health & Workplace Wellbeing for you and your employees

Studies have proven that organisations perform better when their staff are healthy, engaged and motivated*. Supporting employees’ mental and physical wellbeing could be one of the most important steps a business takes to improve the overall health and success of their company.

To support your journey to workplace wellbeing each quarter, we will provide you and your employees with a roadmap. Each roadmap will highlight important wellness dates and will be accompanied with a collection of articles offering tips and motivation.

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Q4: Mental Wellbeing

There is strong evidence that workplaces with high levels of mental wellbeing see an increase in staff productivity. A happier workforce also sees lower absenteeism, lower presenteeism and higher staff retention. In the long-term, your business will see an increase in profits and performance if your employees are motivated and engaged. So why not use this quarter to think about the ways your business could foster improved mental wellbeing amongst your staff?

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Q3: Physical Wellness

Journey to Wellness roadmap Q3

Looking after your physical wellbeing is just as important as looking after your mental wellbeing. It’s a good idea to support your employees as much as possible in this pursuit – with so much research proving that physical activity helps to decrease stress and improve energy levels, physically healthy employees are more likely to be happy employees! Make physical wellness a focus this quarter with the help of our latest Journey to Wellness roadmap.

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Q2: Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness refers to a person’s ability to handle and adapt to difficulty. In the workplace, you can help your employees better cope with the challenges life throws at them by creating an environment where open, honest communication about those struggles is encouraged. Reducing stress and providing workplace wellbeing resources such as an employee assistance programme or soft skills training can also assist. Focus on emotional wellness this quarter and watch your employees thrive.

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Q1: Social Wellness

Health and wellbeing Q1

Social wellbeing in the workplace normally refers to the extent an employee feels they are part of the larger community. With remote working, staff being on furlough and the changes companies have had to introduce due to Covid-19, social wellness has never been so important. This quarter, why not show your employees you care and make sure they feel included and connected.

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