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Your Journey to Workplace Wellness

Health & Workplace Wellbeing for you and your employees

Research* shows there is a strong correlation between the physical and mental health of employees and how they perform. As a result, health & wellbeing at work is becoming an increasing focus for employers of all sizes.

We have prepared a collection of roadmaps and guides, for each quarter, provide you and your employees with support and motivation throughout 2020 on your journey to workplace wellbeing.

For more information and assistance with your journey to workplace wellness contact Dominic Perry of Aston Lark Employee Benefits on 020 7543 2817 or [email protected].

*Research by Vitality and the Financial Times

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Q1: Social Wellness

Health & Wellbeing Road Map-AL-EB-012-12201

Social wellness is important not just for connectivity, but it also helps with productivity in the workplace too.  With remote working the norm for most, it’s now more important than ever to create a sense of cohesion amongst your employees. Why not use this quarter to take the time to make sure your team are engaged and connected.

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Q2: Emotional Wellness

Health and wellbeing Q2

It’s crucial that workplace wellbeing programmes focus on the mind-body connection, as a lack of emotional wellbeing can in turn cause physical illnesses. Positive mental health will help your employees work productively and reach their full potential. Why not use Mental Health Awareness Week, 18-24th May, as a springboard to promote emotional wellness in your company?

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Q3: Physical Wellness

Health and wellbeing Q3

Having a workplace that supports physical wellbeing will help you to ensure your workforce is happier, healthier and reaching their full potential. Research has shown that physical activity helps to decrease stress and depression and boost energy and mood*.  Cycle to Work Day, on 6th August, is the perfect chance to promote physical health to your employees.


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Q4: Mental Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing Q4

There is strong evidence that workplaces with high levels of mental wellbeing see an increase in productivity by as much as 12%*. A happier workforce also sees lower absenteeism, lower presenteeism and higher staff retention. In the long-term, your business will see an increase in profits and performance if your employees are motivated and engaged. So why not use this quarter to think about the ways your business could foster improved mental wellbeing amongst your staff?


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