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Flexible benefits allow employers to offer their employees a range of benefit options, which they choose to match their circumstances.

Some of the reported advantages of introducing flexible benefits include:

  • Giving staff a sense of control.
  • Employers recognise the diverse needs and different life stages of their employees.
  • The provision of benefits becomes less contentious.
  • Staff appreciate the true worth of the employee benefits package.
  • Improves staff retention and helps to attract new talent.

Total Reward Statements

Another option is to implement total reward statements, which are a fantastic educational tool for employees.

They highlight to each individual their cash and non-cash benefit entitlement and bring together the total value of their full remuneration package (rather than pure basic salary).

Total reward statements are a clear, concise and engaging way to communicate with your employees or to reinforce benefits strategy throughout the year.

What our clients say

We chose Aston Lark after considering a number of factors. One was breadth of their offering and expertise in a number of areas. However, the most important factor was our belief that Aston Lark would be able to deliver a highly personal and personable approach to client care and our experience over the last several years has not proved us wrong.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Aston Lark as the best-in-class trusted benefits advisor.

Milan Simic, AIR Worldwide Ltd

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