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Healthy employees cost less

Employers are increasingly looking to support and engage with the holistic health and wellbeing needs of their staff. Demands on the NHS mean long delays gaining access to specialist care, while staff seconded outside the UK are unlikely to have free at point of treatment health service and will require more extensive coverage.

How we can help

The benefits of a wellness strategy are well documented. By investing in a health and wellbeing programme, organisations can expect to see cost savings delivered via better-performing staff, improved absenteeism, higher staff retention, and reduced insurance premiums and medical expenses.

Your Wellness Review

We can undertake a ‘Wellness Review’ of your business to check that any existing arrangements continue to meet your objectives and needs, identify any gaps in your cover and undertake a market review to ensure it is competitively costed. We will also analyse all the connecting and inter-dependent areas of the various schemes/services.

Your ‘Employee Health Pathway’

We can help you plan and implement a cohesive journey that considers:

  • Prevention: Helping employees to take responsibility for their health and fitness.
  • Engagement: Ensuring staff value your employee benefits programme.
  • Medical Care: Access to fast, efficient and cost-effective medical care.
  • Support: Effective use of ‘early intervention’ and ‘return to work’ services for potentially long-term sickness absences.

The following are some of the solutions we can source and implement for your business:

What our clients say
“The advice and expertise are second to none and they are always on the end of the phone to provide advice and guidance where needed.”
Helen Calvi, Artis Accident Care Limited

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