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A strong employee benefits package not only helps attract top talent but also helps to retain existing employees

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Maintain a tight rein on premium cover costs without compromising on quality

We understand that our clients employ a proactive approach to looking after their staff, but premium coverage can be prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses.

How we can help

We have an impressive history working with market-leading experts to bring you the same high-quality cover, typically only available to much larger organisations.

Our Small Schemes offering includes:

Canada Life’s Group Income Protection (GIP)

  • High calibre cover to members who cannot work because of long-term illness or injury.
  • Allows employers to provide a proportion of salary to an employee or their family.

Canada Life Group Critical Illness (GCI)

  • Provides employees with a lump sum of money if they are diagnosed with a serious illness or condition covered under the policy.
  • Can be in addition to any group income protection they may have.
  • Covers critical expenses such as adapting facilities at home, large medical bills, or even recuperation time with their family.
  • Offers peace of mind to employees and helps businesses provide a well-rounded employee benefits package.

Group Life Assurance (GLA)

  • Assists and provides comfort to an employee’s dependents during a difficult time.
  • A competitive package that will help any business to provide its employee’s family with a lump sum in the event of a member’s death while in service.
What our clients say

“The team dealing with our issue understood the requirements fully and came up with a number of sensible thoughtout cost effective options.”

Martyn Jackson, IPRS group

One provider we work closely with is AIG. Learn more about their Group Life offering and Smart Health app here:

Enjoy the significant benefits our Small Schemes coverage offers


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