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What do we offer?

Our specialist healthcare team is here to help you find the best employee healthcare benefits for your business on the most competitive terms.

We understand that every business is different, so we work closely with you to find group health insurance plans that suit your unique needs, while offering a personalised service that forms the foundations for a long-standing relationship.

Why do you need it?

Every successful business, no matter its size, is only made possible by the people who work there. Because of this, your employees are your most valuable asset – and taking care of their wellbeing will protect the very heart of your business.

What will you get?

We offer expert advice and specialist solutions for a range of healthcare benefits, including:

  • UK medical insurance for small and large employers
  • Corporate Healthcare Trusts
  • International medical insurance for staff based abroad
  • Dental insurance
  • Corporate Cash Plans
  • Occupational Health & Wellbeing programmes

Our Health and Wellbeing Products

Why choose us?

Give your employee benefits a boost

Find out how employee healthcare can benefit your business as well as your team.
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All the resources you need

We believe in supporting every one of our clients as much as we can. Take a look at our resource hub, where you can find the latest industry insights and news, view key documents and listen to our library of podcasts.

What do our clients say?

“Excellent service. Lee Jones was recommended to me by a friend and he lived up to all my expectations. He was diligent, listened to my requirements and then after his research of the market, he recommended my now current healthcare provider.”

Aston Lark Employee Benefits client, via Feefo

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