Group Income Protection

Keep the money coming in for employees unable to work due to illness or injury

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What do we offer?

If any of your employees suffer an illness or injury, Group Income Protection steps in to pay them a replacement income – covering their essential outgoings every month, while taking the pressure off your business.

We can help find you the right Group Income Protection insurance for your business, so you can give your employees extra peace of mind. All the providers in our network offer support for both the employee and employer, including rehabilitation.

Why do you need it?

Employee absence can cause real problems for any business, from the loss of key skills to the cost of covering the role. That’s why a good Group Income Protection scheme helps both your employees and your organisation – giving your team members the reassurance they can still afford to live if they cannot work for a time, while helping reduce the impact on your organisation.

What will you get?
  • The ability to cover multiple employees under a single scheme
  • Practical support for your business and employees
  • The peace of mind employee absence won’t impact your business
  • Tailored policies to your business size and budget.

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Find out how Group Income Protection can benefit your business as well as your team.
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