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What do we offer?

Critical Illness insurance offers a ‘living benefit’ to your employees, which is paid as a one-off and tax-free lump sum if they are diagnosed with a condition covered by the policy and they survive for 14 days or more.

We can help you find the right Critical Illness cover for your organisation, so you can offer it as a benefit to your employees – with policies that cover everything from treatment costs to necessary lifestyle changes.

Why do you need it?

Nothing in life is certain, and the diagnosis of a critical illness such as cancer or a stroke is a reality that many individuals have to face, however much they hope not to. That’s why a robust Critical Illness policy is highly valued by employees.

With the right cover in place, your team members can each benefit from the reassurance that if his or her life were to change irrevocably due to serious illness, they can cover the costs of treatment and care while fulfilling their financial commitments.

What will you get?

We offer practical support and multiple cover options, including:

  • Treatment costs
  • Nursing care
  • Financial commitments
  • Any changes that your employee’s illness necessitates to their lifestyle or home.

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