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Dedicated sessions to help your employees better understand their benefits

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What do we offer?

We help your employees understand the value of their existing benefits, giving them guidance and support to better appreciate their workplace pension scheme.

Whether it’s group workshops or dedicated one-to-ones, our flexible programme can help improve workplace engagement, with every session led by a DipPFS-qualified consultant. We’ll even work with you to promote these services, for example providing bespoke posters and suggested wording for a warm-up email campaign to help get your team on board.

Why do you need it?

Understanding your pension scheme is crucial for your future security – but retirement can seem remote for many employees and daunting for others. However, employees who have a good understanding of their existing benefits gain a greater appreciation of their pension scheme – instilling confidence and helping them to feel valued. This can also boost loyalty within your team.

What will you get?

Our tailored workplace engagement sessions can include:

  • One-to-one pension clinics
  • Financial education workshops targeted to specific audiences
  • Retirement workshops
  • Regular legislative updates
  • Production and maintenance of bespoke pension booklets

Our Group Pension Products

Why choose us?

Give your employee benefits a boost

Find out how our workplace engagement sessions can benefit your business as well as your team.
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All the resources you need

We believe in supporting every one of our clients as much as we can. Take a look at our resource hub, where you can find the latest industry insights and news, view key documents and listen to our library of podcasts.

What do our clients say?

“I sat in on the presentation and had a one-to-one. Adrian was fabulous! At last pensions make sense! The presentation was very informative and pitched at the right level. Adrian also gave excellent information on how my current pensions work. Thank you!”

Karen Finch,  Offshore Design Engineering

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