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Expert advice and guidance for employees who are approaching retirement

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Assist employees approaching retirement with professional advice and guidance

We aim our interactive workshop at members of employer-sponsored pension schemes, offered either as a standalone service or in combination with our workplace engagement presentations.

The session covers:

  •  Options for drawing pension benefits and how it works alongside the state pension scheme.
  • Current market trends such as the contraction of the annuity market and the rise of flexi-access drawdown as the new default retirement strategy.
  • Technical concepts such as safe pension withdrawal rates and life expectancy.
  • Pension calculator tools and demonstrating the providers’ online portals.

What our clients say

It was very informative on the options open to me as I approach retirement age. It was also useful to see what options I have to change the investment strategy and give me an idea of the pot size I will require.
Neil Stratton-Symes – White Oak 

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