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Every employer is different, but since auto-enrolment legislation, everyone is legally required to establish a group pension scheme, enrol employees and make contributions on their behalf.

More than a broker

We work in partnership with you to add value, rather than being just another insurance broker. Regularly liaising with Group Pension providers, we’ll provide a detailed Governance report to monitor your scheme’s performance. And we’ll even deliver it to you, in person, each year.

No scheme in place? No problem.

Although it’s meant to simplify the process, auto-enrolment can be complex and daunting, and responsibility for compliance lies solely with the employer. We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls and set up the right scheme for you.

Is your existing scheme competitive?

Even if you already have a group pension scheme in place, we can work with you to make sure it’s competitive and remains the right solution for your organisation and employees.

What our clients say

“Aston Lark guided us through the process of the new auto enrol workplace pension step by step, and without all of the jargon. They made themselves available for both telephone and face-to-face support, as required, which was much appreciated.”

Sharon Binns, George Baker Group Ltd

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