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What do we offer?

We can help you find the right insurance to protect the key people in your business with a comprehensive business protection policy. This type of cover is designed for core personnel and stakeholders and will pay a cash sum if an insured person dies, or if they become terminally ill or totally disabled*.

We will guide you through a range of options, including key person insurance and partnership protection, which suits businesses with more than one shareholder.

* if you’ve chosen additional Critical Illness Insurance

Why do you need it?

The most valuable asset of any business is its people – so the sudden loss of a key figure or shareholder can prove devastating. Their specialist knowledge, skill set or contacts are usually critical to the profitability of an organisation and without them, a company can suffer long-term, irreparable damage.

Business protection insurance safeguards both the person involved and the business itself, so you can have confidence you can carry on – even without a key stakeholder.

What will you get?

We can source robust business protection policies that include:

  • Key person insurance for each key person – where the business owns the contract, pays the premiums and receives all benefits from a claim
  • Partnership or shareholder protection – to ensure control remains with the surviving business owner(s)
  • The ability to allow remaining shareholders to buy shares and retain company control, while reimbursing the family of the deceased.

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“Very impressed with Aston Lark’s Employment Benefits, very knowledgeable, have understood our needs and matched the products to that but also given us other options.”

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