First Aid & Covid-19

As and when you return to your premises, you will have a number of first aid considerations to make.

Adequate number of First Aiders?

There are a number of reasons why your business may now find itself without the required number of First Aiders to operate safely. Staff may have been lost, qualifications may have expired, or existing First Aiders may not now be prepared to act in this capacity due to the increased risks of Covid-19.

As an employer, you should review your operations and update your first aid risk assessment accordingly.

The HSE has provided advice on first aid cover and qualifications during the Coronavirus outbreak. They also provide general guidance on what first aid provisions should be made.

Covid-19 first aid advice

Ensure that your First Aiders have been provided with up to date information on how to provide first aid in light of Covid-19 so they are able to protect themselves from infection. Up-to date-information can be found here.

Information for anyone who is performing CPR/defibrillation in an out-of-hospital setting can be found here.

First aid boxes and equipment

It may have been some time since your first aid supplies have been checked to ensure adequate stock is available and that they are still within the expiry date period.

In addition to checking first aid boxes, check any eye wash stations and carry out an inspection on any Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) to ensure they are working properly.