Cyber AMI

Through web-based assessment, education and support in plain English for non-technical individuals, Cyber AMI helps businesses achieve compliance with the Government’s ‘Cyber Essentials’ scheme free of charge, enabling you to save thousands of pounds over using a consultant.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Designed by the Government, it is the minimum benchmark of cybersecurity and assurance for British businesses. An official certificate of compliance can be obtained, and used as evidence of activity within your business or for your customers’ peace of mind.

Why is compliance beneficial?

As many businesses have needed to implement remote working, cyber threats are more prominent than ever. Following the scheme’s requirements can reduce your exposure to common issues by up to 80%.

Similarly, the official certificate can be used to provide comfort of best working practice to your existing clients, and can be an effective differentiator when pitching for new contracts.

Free online Cyber Essentials support service

Provided by our cyber partner Berea, Cyber AMI is a free, online education and self-assessment service accessed through your web browser. By following jargon-free modules you can implement the scheme’s requirements.

Cyber AMI will manage the process of completing the certificate application form, enabling you to easily obtain your official certificate of compliance.

Why use Cyber AMI?
  • Sign up instantly and free of charge – there’s nothing to download
  • Save thousands of pounds over using a consultant
  • Modules enable you to progress at your own pace
  • Written in plain English for non-technical individuals
  • Only pay for your certificate at the end of the process,  if it’s desired or needed

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