Customer Communications

Whether your business has had to shut the doors completely or is managing to continue operating, Covid-19 will have had a significant impact on the majority of businesses.

No businesses can operate without a customer base and, in this article, we look at the importance of customer communications. Effective communication will certainly increase the chances of business survival and prosperity.

Can you adapt?

You may have lost your traditional customer base, but could your business adapt and change its operations so that it can continue in some way?

We’ve seen gym instructors, musicians and sports coaches adapt to providing online sessions, JCB have reopened one of their production lines to produce casings for much-needed ventilators, and other companies have repurposed their vehicle fleets to deliver food products.

Communication is key

If you can adapt, it will be essential to move quickly and communicate with your new customer base. Can you use local media resources? Can you promote the business online? Get your message out there as quickly as possible.

In addition to your new customers, don’t forget about your old ones… may rely on them in six months’ time. Tell them what you’re doing, explain the reasons why, and promise them that they’re still important to you!

The doors are shut!

If you’ve had to go into a state of dormancy, communication with your clients is still important. You want them to continue thinking of you, and when it’s business as usual, you don’t want them going elsewhere. Again, make them feel valued!

Tell them the steps that you’ve had to take, explain why, and keep in regular contact with them.

Can you send them industry-specific information such as ‘did you know’ articles, information on your business that they may not have known? Keep the communication frequent, relevant and interesting.

Business as usual

If yours is one of the lucky businesses that’s been able to continue trading, inform your customers, tell them what measures you’re taking to protect them and your employees.

Keep them up to date on your operations and assure them that your services will be available during this period.

These are exceptional times. Nobody knows for certain how the business world will change and adapt over the coming years, but whatever business you are in, however you operate, you will require customers……communicate with them regularly and ensure they feel valued.