Client Meetings

Even when social distancing measures are eased, it’s likely that many business meetings will continue to be carried out remotely via video conferencing. However, there will be circumstances when a face-to-face meeting will still be required.

You should consider the following guidance for your employees in respect of face-to-face meetings:

  • When a client requests a face-to-face meeting which you feel is NOT essential, you should explain to the client that the company stance is that all non-essential journeys and meetings are to be avoided. If the client is insistent, please refer this to your manager.
  • Before a face-to-face meeting is agreed, please request from the client a copy of their workplace risk assessment or the details of the safety measures they have implemented. These should demonstrate how they plan to control the risk of Covid-19 infection. If you are concerned over the measures in place, or feel unable to assess whether they are adequate, please refer to your manager.
  • If you are requested to carry out a meeting or are planning one, send this ‘Covid-19 Client Site Safety Letter’ to your client. This will help make them aware of the measures your business has put in place and what protection you expect to be offered.
  • Those employees who are either clinically vulnerable, or living with someone who is shielded, are NOT to undertake face-to-face client meetings.
  • Employees must follow all site safety rules when on a client’s premises.
  • If an employee reaches the site and feels the measures are not adequate to protect their safety, they should inform the client and, if necessary, leave the site and report this to their manager.

You might also want to consider advising your employees that all public transport is to be avoided, and that client premises should only be attended if they can be driven, walked or cycled to. Similarly, if they need to travel to more than one of the client’s sites during the visit, ensure they can do so without the use of public transport.

Your employees should not be permitted to share a vehicle with colleagues or client personnel.

You will of course need to keep this guidance under review as circumstances change.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In addition, you might want to consider providing all your employees undertaking client meetings or site meetings with:

  • Personal sanitiser
  • A face mask
  • Disposable gloves

However, please note that the evidence on the effectiveness of using gloves and masks is mixed and should therefore only be used as a last resort or when required by a client’s site safety rules.

Where you or your employees use disposable gloves or masks on site, ensure they are disposed of correctly at the premises. Similarly, you should wash your hands regularly and use sanitiser where washing facilities aren’t available.