Cardinus Risk Management Covid-19 e-learning courses

Cardinus works with Aston Lark and has developed a number of Covid-19 e-learning courses which can be purchased by our clients at a discounted rate (20% discount).

Please see below an outline of the courses that have been designed to support businesses through Covid-19:

Temporary Home Working

Working from home greatly differs to working in an office. This e-learning course helps temporary home workers understand the health risks of homeworking and takes proactive steps to address them with risk assessments.

This is a practical course that helps employees to manage their own risk, including information on creating comfortable workspaces, making fire escape plans, establishing a wellbeing routine, and even information on safe driving.

The temporary home working e-learning will provide:

  • Practical advice for temporary home workers
  • Reinforcement, with testing and risk assessments
  • The ability to educate large numbers of staff with a mass roll-out
  • Support in quickly addressing health and safety concerns

Healthy Transitional Working

When lockdown starts to relax, companies will again face health and safety challenges that need to be met. You’ll no doubt have a process for getting staff back in your buildings safely, with their health, and stopping infections, at the forefront of your mind.

Healthy Transitional Working e-learning helps to get the right safety message to staff easily, and allows you to evidence that the learning has taken place. As employees transition from the workplace to working from home and back again, e-learning will be vital to reinforce learning and manage safety communications.

It combines a highly customisable return-to-work course with a real-world home working course that provides content on working from dining room tables, couches and other home furniture to meet the challenges your teams are facing.


If you would like a demo of the courses, or a quotation, please contact Eliot Clarke with the details below at [email protected].

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