The clients we work with are spread across a number of sectors, including manufacturing, food and beverage, construction, logistics, financial institutions, wholesale and retail.

The companies within these sectors need Trade Credit Insurance for many different reasons – they might be going through a period of growth, have previously incurred bad debts, have a concern over certain customers or an opportunity has arisen to increase exports in unfamiliar territories.

We often find that companies are seeking a service which will support the businesses ability to make sound commercial decisions. You get more than financial protection too; companies also use the service to ‘health check’ businesses whom they are planning to work with. Insurers can provide valuable insights to the amount of credit available to a customer.

This information is more reliable than credit agencies as insurers are being continually updated by companies and policy holders of a customer’s trading performance.  In what is an increasingly unstable marketplace, clients want to put themselves in the best possible position to combat unforeseen problems when they arise.

Whatever the reason, clients work with us because they know they can use Trade Credit Insurance to their advantage from one year to the next – even if they end up never making a claim.

Cash flow problems can be avoided and ensure jobs are kept safe at your business. Having support in place when unplanned circumstances arise can really take the weight off your shoulders and help you to continue trading though some of the challenging times in your business.

Clients trust us to help them make Trade Credit insurance an asset for their business. We develop two-way, long-lasting relationships which genuinely add value. 

As part of that relationship, we prefer to meet face-to-face, and you will have a senior member of our team as your main point of contact.

Contact us to see how you can gain control of your cash flow and avoid unforeseen payment issues.

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