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Why choose Aston Lark?

Real Estate business can be described as many things and does vary between insurers and brokers. It is commonly referred to as Property Owners, Landlord Insurance, Property Investors, Commercial Buildings and even Blocks of Flats in some circumstances. However you refer to it, the key components of the policies remain the same:

  • Buildings Insurance
  • Loss of Rent Insurance
  • Property Owners Liability Insurance

Aston Lark has vast experience in handling Real Estate clients that spreads far and wide across our UK offices. Our team will discuss, understand and advise on the risks faced by your property or portfolio and provide a tailored insurance programme to meet your needs.

Service is paramount to our real estate clients, and by understanding the processes involved within your business, we can tailor and adapt our approach to suit you.

Aston Lark’s real estate team provides:

  • An A-rated insurer
  • Competitive premiums
  • Wording enhancement package
  • Express handling of claims under £10,000, as well as dealing with major losses*
  • Professional multi-class advice and handling of your insurance programme
  • Risk management advice and surveys

* Only applies to certain insurers

What our clients say
“Aston Lark has dealt with our company’s insurance requirements for many years.  Their professional approach and knowledge of the industry has ensured that we receive the best cover for our needs.  Our contacts are always available and are ready to help and advise on the latest products available.  I would have no issue in recommending Nick Burrows and his colleagues at Aston Lark.”
Glenmore Group

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure that my buildings are correctly valued?

We advise that your buildings sum insured should represent the true reinstatement value of the property following a total loss, including the costs of debris removal, architects’ fees and rebuilding. We can put you in contact with companies that can undertake the valuation on your behalf.

You can contact the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) for independent professional advice. We also recommend you have a professional survey conducted.

Can I insure my loss of rental income?

In the event of a severe loss (fire or other insured peril), your property would be not be fit for occupation and you may therefore suffer a loss of rental income. The length of time it will take to repair your building will vary, as all buildings are different – and you must take into account the location, type and construction of the property. Specialist properties and grade 1 and 2 buildings can take longer to build by their specialist nature. It is best to be cautious and consider a minimum of 24 months.