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Print insurance that’s as unique as the world you work in

You probably know this, but there are numerous commercial insurance policies out there. The common issue is that these “commercial combined policies” tend to be very generalist “jack of all trades, master of none” type policies. And this is especially true for the print industry, which until now, has not had an insurance solution that meets its individual requirements.

But guess what? Problem solved. Aston Lark – who also happen to be the only approved broker for print by the British Printing Industry Federation (BPIF) – has launched a new product – the Print Specific Commercial Combined Policy.

The Print Specific Commercial Combined Policy, with extensions and covers, is designed just for the print industry. Whether that’s a printer breakdown, operator error, or bookbinders’ public liability, every part of a printer’s story is covered, offering solid protection to you, your team, stock, and premises.

The Print Specific Commercial Combined Policy – the bespoke cover you’ve always needed

It’s exclusive to us, but inclusive of all print industry specialists. Here are the details:

✓ Operational error:

Covering mistakes or errors made in the printing, including typos, incorrect colours or images, or misalignments in the printing process.

✓ Non-machinery breakdown insurance:

Covers losses or damages to equipment or machinery that occur due to non-mechanical reasons, such as power surges, electrical failures, and human error.

✓ Bookbinders’ public liability:

Covers printers or bookbinders where documents have been  incorrectly trimmed, palletised, or bound and couldn’t be distributed.

✓ Sub-contractors’ stock:

Policy cover means if any sub-contractors’ stock is damaged, customers get repaid, and the premises owner doesn’t personally foot the bill.

✓ Inching and crawling:

Personal accident cover for those injured whilst working on machinery.

✓ Libel and slander public liability:

If a printer makes a misprint and the result is something that could be considered either libellous or slanderous, that’s covered, too.

✓ Financial loss public liability:

If a piece of branded material has an error but is distributed, this is much-needed protection against the cost of a reprint or lost business.

✓ Breach of copyright/confidentiality public liability:

Printed something without the appropriate permissions? This is also part of the policy and cover.

Our expertise is more than fine print

The Print Specific Commercial Combined Policy is much more than a product. We’d even go as far as saying it’s more than an evolutionary form of essential cover for the print industry. That’s because the policy paperwork is backed up and supported by a team of expert brokers who understand printing from first page to last.

Discover more about the Print Specific Commercial Combined Policy by calling us on 03301 247 137, or by completing our call back request form.

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