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We understand the responsibility shouldered by funeral directors. The respect, empathy and service you provide during the hardest of times underpins how we all say goodbye to loved ones. But if something goes wrong, it can be catastrophic for you and your business. That’s why we offer specialist funeral directors insurance that’s crafted to meet your unique needs.

We’ve been supporting independent funeral professionals for over 25 years and we’ve seen first-hand the devotion you pour into your work. We bring that same level of service to your insurance.

With our deep understanding of the funeral profession, we can deliver tailored cover that answers your needs simply and effectively. If there’s ever a problem, our response is instant. We know the stakes are high, so we keep your claim times low. And our longstanding experience means we have a level of insight that very few brokers can match. Simply get in touch and we’ll arrange cover that gives you true peace of mind.

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Is it possible for drivers under the age of 21 to drive on the policy?

Absolutely. Drivers under the age of 21 can be authorised on the scheme, subject to prior approval from Underwriters. Cover may be restricted to business use only, a select few vehicles and an increased policy excess for these particular drivers, but no additional premium would be payable. Please allow some additional time to get your young drivers approved.

Are there terms imposed on drivers with endorsements?

This depends on the motoring offence. If the endorsements received are minor offences, NIG will not impose terms for drivers with 6 points or less. If the offence is more serious, such as drunk driving or driving without insurance, terms are likely to be imposed and potentially result in an increased premium, but it all depends on individual circumstances.

Do we have an upper age limit?

No, there is no upper age limit. You will just need to ensure that those over the age of 70 have renewed their license in accordance with the laws of the land.

Do we have an excess to pay on windscreens and who do we have to use in the event of repair or replacement?

There is no excess to pay on any windscreen replacement unless insurers have imposed a specific increase relating to any one high-performance vehicle such as a Bentley, Rolls Royce, Overfinch, etc. There are no restrictions on who you can use when it comes to the glass replacement. It can be a national company such as Autoglass or a repairer local to you. We suggest you go for whoever can get the job done the quickest and then invoice us.

Does the policy cover driving in Europe?

Yes. Full European cover is provided on all vehicles. Please take a hard copy of your Insurance Certificate with you and, if you can, please just let us know your dates of travel so that we know you are abroad, should anything happen.

In winter, can I add temporary modifications to the vehicle such as snow socks etc?

Temporary modifications to your vehicles are fine. This is seen by insurers as you mitigating the risk of damaging your vehicle due to slips on ice through the cold months. Again, please just let us know if you have added any temporary weather-related modifications and we will inform your insurers as a courtesy.

Are electric vehicles covered?

Yes, electric vehicles can be insured on our scheme. We would just ask that you give us some lead up time to discuss any potential referral points with insurers, but we can and will get you covered.

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