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Aston Lark’s exclusive motor trade facility

In 2020, we launched our new exclusive motor trade facility, designed to meet the needs of a modern motor trader. The policy has a number of enhancements that most standard motor trade policies do not cover such as:

  • Commuting Cover automatically included in business use
  • Any Licenced Driver for business use included as standard
  • Vehicle Stock Cover automatically uplifted to £1,000,000

We have collected a selection of client case studies for you to better understand how this new exclusive facility can benefit you and your business.

To find out more about this policy please contact us on 0330 008 4960 or [email protected].


What our clients say
“I can hand on heart say that Aston Lark are the best Insurance Broker we have ever dealt with. Nothing is ever too much trouble. The best advice and best coverage delivered by the most professional Jem Emirali. If you are in the Motor Industry and are looking for a competitive quote from a truly professional company at the top of their game, this would always be my personal recommendation.”
Previous IMDA Chairman and one of the IMDA founding members, Jim Reid

Case Studies from our Motor Trade clients

Smashed car window
Business: Long standing client

Brief description of back story: Client went on a business trip to London and whilst there, bought several suits for meetings and work clothes for his manual work. Whilst at his business meeting, his car was broken into, and the clothes were stolen, along with some other personal effects.

How Aston Lark helped: This claim was settled for the client under the new scheme which most policies would not have covered.

“Thanks Jem and the team for getting the claim for my car getting broken into and my goods inside stolen sorted. My previous policy and other trade policies I looked at didn’t cover this and your enhanced motor trade product has proved a great asset to my business.

The damage to my car and goods stolen would have been over £5,000 out of my pocket. Thanks so much.” – Jim, MD, long-standing client

Business: A.N.D Autos

Brief description of back story: The client had a large gap in exposure by not arranging for Material Damage to be included in his insurance. Their previous broker had only ever arranged the bare minimum in terms of insurance, and had never discussed or highlighted gaps in cover or cover recommendations.

How Aston Lark helped: We used our expertise to highlight the client’s exposures and tailored their policy to suit their needs. Our policy filled in the gaps in cover, provided a full combined policy, higher vehicle indemnity limit, gave open driving for employees and Business Interruption cover.

The premium spend was higher, but provided a more comprehensive policy which the client was delighted to proceed with.

Close up of cars in a row
Close up of driving
Business: Aki Motors Ltd

Brief description of back story: The client had very restrictive terms around his vehicle indemnity limit and number of drivers on the policy. No business use cover was provided for the 19-year-old employee.

How Aston Lark helped: We offered a policy where everything was to be insured under one roof, including the 19-year-old, along with the WCFMC enhancements.

Business: Client D

Brief description of back story: The client’s previous cover was road risks only, however their policy had expired several months ago. They had recently moved into a new premises which was uninsured until we made contact.

The risk was located in a poor area, and due to being Road Risks only, the insurer was unable to offer any discount for the premises. The client had made contact with us with two days before they were due to go live, so there were time constraints as well.

How Aston Lark helped: We were unable to place on our scheme due to the area the premises was in, however we placed elsewhere with an A-rated insurer at a competitive premium, with half a day left to go.

Close up of car tyre

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