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Our objective is to ensure you have insurance protection in place in case things go wrong.

Aston Lark is the only insurance broker recommended by the Association of Vehicle Recovery Operators (AVRO). We are one of the largest UK motor trade insurance brokers, meaning we have the expertise and scale to ensure you get the advice you need. We’ll help you understand the differences between policies so you can make the right choice.

Our policies cover every single area of your business and operations, including light and commercial roadside and recovery operations (Road Risk), vehicle storage, MOT testing, garage services, repairs and maintenance, and specialist recovery.

Sometimes things go wrong, but if they do, we’ll be by your side. Our team of expert in-house Claims Advisors will help you every step of the way.

Don’t wait until you need to make a claim to find out if you can make a claim.

We can review your existing insurance cover now, discreetly and completely free. Insurance policies can differ greatly, and some include onerous conditions that can prevent you from making a claim unless you meet those conditions. We’ll help you identify issues that may impact your ability to make a claim.

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“AVRO go to great lengths in choosing our business partners. As we represent the majority of vehicle recovery operators in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, we must choose the right partnership to benefit our members.

Having appointed Aston Lark in January 2019, we can confirm we have undoubtedly made the correct decision. Several of our members have saved thousands of pounds on their insurance premiums to date thanks to Chris Chapman and her team’s expertise and experience.

We look forward to a continued business relationship with Aston Lark, whereby many more of our members will benefit from their efforts.”

Graham Steedman, Business Consultant, Avro

Appointing an insurance broker can hugely benefit your business

Mick Puleston at A1 asked Aston Lark for a second opinion after he reluctantly renewed his insurance with his existing broker when presented with a “take it or leave it” situation only hours before his renewal date. Aston Lark put together a plan, including risk management advice, and Mick signed over the current arrangements to Aston Lark and we worked as A1’s insurance broker free of charge until the next renewal.

Mick says, “Despite trepidation in changing our broker midway through the term, it was the best decision we made, resulting in a palatable premium for the new year”. Read the full story here.

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