Management Liability Insurance

In a culture where more claims are being brought against not only firms but also individuals within a business, it is important this insurance is in place

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A Management Liability insurance policy is made up of these key covers:

Directors and Officers Insurance

Directors are protected from the costs of claims made against them personally as a result of an alleged or actual wrongful act carried out in their capacity as a director or officer. Wrongful acts could include breach of duty, negligence, defamation or even pollution.

Employment Practices Liability

Protecting your business against financial losses from claims made by employees for a wide range of employment practice violations, including unfair dismissal or discrimination on grounds of sex, race, disability, religion, belief or sexual orientation.

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Corporate Legal Liability

A company is protected against the financial consequences of a wide range of claims made against them, for situations including a breach of trust or duty, neglect, errors or omissions, breach of contract, libel and slander, and pollution

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Management Liability insurance?

Management Liability cover is an essential component of any commercial insurance programme. It is designed to protect directors, officers and other key employees against the costs of personal liability for compensatory damages and/or defence costs arising from actions and decisions they take on behalf of the company.

What are the financial implications if we don’t purchase Management Liability insurance?

Without Management Liability insurance, directors and officers may have to draw on their own personal assets to fund a legal defence and meet an award of damages made against them.

What types of legal actions will Management Liability cover you for?

Types of legal actions that Management Liability insurance covers you for include:

  • Breach of duty legal actions
  • Breach of trust
  • Misleading statements
  • Employment-related legal actions
  • Negligence
  • Wrongful trading
How much does a Management Liability policy cost?

The level of cover you need depends on your business’ unique attributes and the risks you are likely to be exposed to. Aston Lark will take the time to get to know your business to ensure your policy is tailor-made to safeguard your business.

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Management Liability - An overview

What is Management Liability?

Management Liability is the name given to a suite of complementary covers designed to offer legal protection for you, your fellow directors and officers, and your company for wrongful acts you have, or are alleged to have, committed.

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