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Why choose us?

Has your insurance broker cut your insurance spend during this lockdown? Will they be able to help your business bounce straight back to work, negotiating insurances for you that are permanently lowered in cost?

We're working closely with our clients to help them protect their businesses during this period.

Aston Lark has done the following for our clients:

  • Reduced insurance costs through cover streamlining (for example, we’ve negotiated amended rates and terms based on reduced turnover, wage roll and drivers)
  • Intervened against attempts by insurers to increase premiums at renewal
  • Reassessed risk profiles to ensure insurance keeps pace with operational changes (for example, for those businesses experiencing ‘shutdown’, we’ve removed unnecessary covers such as Excess Employers Liability)
  • Raised awareness of increased threats to businesses due to operational changes, and helped ensure clients avoid breaching policy conditions
  • Provided expert opinion on the likelihood of particular policies responding to Coronavirus-related losses
Exclusive discount of up to 10% to members of

Benefits included for members:

  • FREE £10,000 of Portable Hand Tools Cover
  • FREE £10,000 of Electronic Business Machines Cover
  • FREE £10,000 of Plant Machinery, Fixtures and Fittings Cover
  • FREE £25,000 Business Interruption Cover (AICOW)
  • Open Business Use Driving
  • Open Social, Domestic and Pleasure Use Driving (Over 25s)
  • Contingent Loan and Hire Cover
  • Risk Management Funding

Contact us today to take advantage of this exclusive discount for WFCMC members and discuss how we can help you and your business during this pandemic.


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Your Cover Explained

£10,000 Portable Hand Tools cover:

This would cover portable hand tools owned by your business or your staff. Staff tools are also covered with no limit at the premises and up to £10,000 away from the premises (subject to adequate sums insured).

£10,000 Electronic Business Machines cover:

This would cover computers, card readers, laptops, iPads and any other electrical equipment whilst at the premises.

£10,000 cover for contents on the premises:

This would cover the contents of the premises such as plant, fixtures, fittings, tables and chairs.

£25,000 Business Interruption cover:

Free £25,000 Additional Increased Cost of Working included automatically free of charge, where Business Interruption cover is purchased. 

3% Direct Debit:

AXA direct debit at 10 instalments and with no deposit required. 

Open Business Use:

Any employee can drive for business use under contract of service. 

Open Social, Domestic and Pleasure Use:

Where all employees are over 25 years of age, all will be automatically covered for Social, Domestic and Pleasure use.

Contingent Loan and Hire Cover:

If a customer requires a courtesy car and insures the vehicle on their policy and their insurance fails, this policy will provide you with cover for any third party claim brought against you.

Risk Management Funding:

Policy Premium    Contribution
Over £2,500   Up to £250
Over £5,000   Up to £500
Over £7,500   Up to £750
Over £10,000   Up to £1,000


All cover is subject to the insurer’s acceptance criteria.
The above benefits are only accessible to members of


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Our Response to Coronavirus

See how Aston Lark is responding to the pandemic, and offering our clients a library of guides and other useful resources:

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Coronavirus Resource Library
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Insurance Risk Considerations


*Terms and conditions apply: 1. To receive the discount, you must be a member of 2. The discount will be applied to the premium of an Aston Lark Motor Trade policy only. 3. The discount applied will be determined by the level of membership: a. Starter members will receive a 2.5% discount. b. Growth members will receive a 5% discount. c. Enterprise members will receive a 7.5% discount. d. Platinum members will receive a 10% discount. 4. The discount will be applied to the premium for the first year of the insurance policy. 5. The promotion expires on 31st December 2020. 6. Normal underwriting criteria applies. 7. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.